TALENT – Individuality Through Education

TALENT - Individuality Through Education

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Caetano Alves«In TALENT we host talents grounding and we believe that, if well developed, the innate capacities can become genius.

The only pre – requisite for TALENT, is being willed to dedicate, with passion and enthusiasm, a large period of time and energy to the practice and the necessary preparation.

And, in that practice, it has to be included a significant amount of free and informal training that allows discovery, attempts and mistakes, as well as to be able to experiment the models abilities and existent references.

For TALENT the future is now! With us, straight to success, will be everyone: our team and our students. For that we have strength of mind, courage, ideas and, of course, TALENT.”

Gonçalo Caetano Alves, PHD CEO Chief Executive Officer