TALENT – Individuality Through Education

TALENT - Individuality Through Education

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Our company is made from and for people.

Our decision and leadership team joins organizational know-how with academic experience, which enriches the context for decision-making.

Our style is one of proximity, confidence and responsibility.

Our management policy makes us to trust in our co-workers in their everyday tasks, according to our principles and orientations.


Every five years our knowledge becomes obsolete and our education system does not offer yet a formative path that answers this problem.

The professional performance that each one wants to have is what will determine the educational path to be followed. The diploma or certificate does not enable anyone. New
generations of professionals will be seeking for new ways of learning to build their own knowledge.

It is necessary to know more and find answers to questions that have not yet been asked. New skills will need to be developed.

The ability to admit that we are in constant ignorance will be the only possible path for the new times. Curiosity must arise the delight of always being a learner again.


The classroom no longer has walls. Education is more distributed, collaborative and shared. Everyone has access to knowledge without barriers or distances. Networks will be the privileged platforms for knowledge distribution.

Each of us has something to teach and to learn. Talents are diffused in each individual. When in networking it will always be easier to unite diverse intelligences to solve the most complex problems.

There is no shortage of content and it is easier to access, but it is crucial to choose what we really know. Everything is available, but it is increasingly difficult to choose.

The future of education involves the ability to choose, customise and gain access to the content that really matters to one’s life project.



Caetano Alves







Gonçalo Caetano Alves, CEO Chief Executive Officer



Abrunhosa de Brito

Carlos Abrunhosa de Brito, CFO Chief Financial Officer




Carlos Sá, CMO Chief Marketing Officer



In TALENT universe, values decode simplicity and, at the same time, our daily motivation.

Team Work | Union and share: efforts, skills and experiences so that we can reach a common goal that all
work for and are necessary to.

Honesty | Group relations that respect individual differences, with integrity, according to the truth. Treating all with dignity and respect, establishing relations based on trust, openness and comprehensibility.

Excellence | Be supreme by the excellence of our products and customer services, going further the market expectations through the constant search of optimization.

Compromise | Keep our promises always reminding our Principles and showing sense of commitment and responsibility to Colleagues, Stake-holders, Customers and Suppliers.

Straightness | Showing credibility to those who surround us, working in a precise, clear and objective way.

Knowledge | Knowledge is one of mankind’s greatest gifts. Its management and use demand better minds, accurate senses and healthier bodies.