Our Evolution

The beginning … our beginning. The genesis of the establishment of our company in 1984, was always present the will and ambition to arrange a difference, to be something more to our customers. When Marketing was still a virtually unknown word and its primary role in a corporate structure success was seen as “dispensable” and not necessary in terms of training of higher education, we have created the IPAM – Portuguese Institute of Marketing Management in Porto. In just over 10 years we have gone from tens to hundreds and later thousands of students and 3 schools in Portugal. During this period, we extend our influence – border and, with the opening of FEPAM – European School of Marketing Management, Brazil also began to be able to form excellencies professionals through our know-how.

Our students were and are proof of our success and there are many companies that bet on them to grow and make a difference.

The obtained recognition and a growing need for professionals whose main characteristic was the talent and creativity led us to evolve and invest in growth areas, the so-called Creative industries. In 2007, we acquired the IADE – Institute of Visual Arts and Design one of higher education institutions with more than 40 years and one of the most connoted internationally, in its reference areas.

Our essence reflects a clear passion for education and about all the new aspects and ways that it provides.

In 1996, the opening of the Portuguese College in Aveiro, for students from Pre – School to the Secondary Education was clearly a winning bet. Today, this is one of the schools best placed nationally and the best locally.

By 2015, the time has come to focus on a new trendy are of education: creativity and  digital. We believe in “new classrooms” where individuality and talent will match the needs to achieve personal and professional performance.

And the future? The future is now and that will be that we want to build: we want to continue to be a company of education and bring our vision to all those who share with us the same ambições… Where there is a will to create talent and boost creativity is where we belong.