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Welcome to a new era of learning in London

Open in 2016, the London School of Design and Marketing proposes to change the tuition paradigm, by making the students face new challenges based on their vocations.

The experience from other contexts distinguishes our way of procedure, focused on practical results. Today, the business world looks for professionals who can be innovative, committed and more adaptive to their tasks, and that is what we will work for.

Some think that Method is just a procedure, a technique, or a way of doing something.

For us, at London School of Design and Marketing, a Method is much more than that. As we believe in it, we provide a new learning approach based on the share of professional experience and focused on the search for excellent skills on our students.

Our MA and BA (Hons) courses are fully online, available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. All courses include e-learning classes, lectures, and seminars, which we think are the most valuable ways of introducing our students to the classes.

DO WELL. It is in this sense that the entire educational project of Morangos is based. An integrated system of education that promotes the perfect balance between emotion and reason, between love and knowledge, between sharing and autonomy. And, just like the fruit, which is also good for the heart and the brain, in Morangos we want all our children to grow up with an excellent heart, and with an extraordinary brain. Only this way, a healthy and happy life can be built.

Restart is a vocational training institute with the aim to develop both creative and technical components of future professionals in the creative industries.
Its mission is to contribute towards the development and productive capacity of students through training offers oriented to the knowledge of techniques and languages ​​in creativity, arts and new technologies. Restart encourages creativity and supports new talent.

Trust, Excellence, Initiative, Innovation and Quality are the premises and values ​​ruling Restart.

The Colégio Português was founded to think about all legitimate and modern times parental concerns.  Receives and helps to develop children within pedagogical parameters, fundamental for raising our sons.

Each physical space is transformed into a pedagogical one, always concerning and respecting the development stage of each group and child.

Welcome to the Anglo-Portuguese School of London (APSoL), a free 4-11 primary school approved by the Department for Education and the England’s first to provide a bilingual curriculum in English and in Portuguese.

APSoL will have high expectations of all pupils and will deliver a broad and balanced dual language curriculum, dividing the main subjects between English and Portuguese to immerse the pupils in both. Pupils will learn to communicate fluently in two of the five most spoken languages globally, while also acquiring the skills necessary to cooperate, learn, and interact with each other and the world. Enrichment and co-curricular activities will provide opportunities for all pupils to foster their abilities and interests.

A Talent Universities is a platform specialized in talent management.
Created in 2022, it aims to offer training oriented to the needs of students around the world.

We want to make the process of choosing individual training less times consuming but more informed and guided.